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Compare The 4 Ways To Update Kitchen Cabinets

If you know that you don’t like the way your kitchen cabinets look but are still debating on how to solve that problem, compare the four different ways to get a new look.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets
Painting kitchen cabinets is one of the cheapest, easiest, quickest ways to improve the look of your kitchen. If the cabinets are professionally painted, that is! Most kitchen cabinets have tough, factory finishes, and painting them so that they look brand new is more complex than it seems. We have mastered the art and science of cabinet painting, in a multi-step process that’s designed to produce top quality, with minimal disruption. What is cabinet painting and what does it involve?  We paint the boxes (frames) of your kitchen cabinets in place, by hand (with brushes and rollers), so you don’t have to empty them. And we also remove the doors and drawers, disassemble them, clean, sand, buff, caulk, and prime them – all before we ever apply the paint. We do the prep work and painting at our warehouse.

The main reasons for choosing to paint your kitchen cabinets can include:

Staining Kitchen Cabinets
Staining kitchen cabinets is less expensive than refacing or replacing them, but typically more expensive than painting them. More prep work (particularly sanding) is involved with staining cabinets, and it’s harder to get a uniform, consistent look.

Also, you will find that you are more limited in your color choices than if you elect to have your kitchen cabinets painted.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets
Refacing your kitchen cabinets costs more than painting or staining them, by far. The refacing process (also known as resurfacing) includes replacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts and putting a thin veneer of wood or plastic laminate on the exposed frames. When you reface your kitchen cabinets, you’re limited in color selection for the cabinets.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets
Replacing kitchen cabinets is an expensive undertaking, and often only the beginning of costs that can quickly mount. The main reason to replace kitchen cabinets is because you are undergoing a partial or complete kitchen remodel and want to change the layout of the kitchen. Not only is replacing kitchen cabinets costly, but it also takes time. Lots of time, generally 6 weeks or more, during which you’ll only have partial use of your kitchen.

Paint, stain, replace, or reface? We’d be happy to give you a free estimate on the cost of painting your kitchen cabinets, which you can then compare to staining, refacing, and replacing.

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Note: The updating comparisons above also apply to bathroom cabinets and other types of built-in cabinetry. We are an independent painting contractor, locally-owned and operated and we offer cabinet painting services throughout the Denver metro area.