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Painting Doors

Most people have us paint their interior doors white, but we can paint doors in any color you choose. And painting doors a different color can have a dramatic impact on your room.

Take black doors, for example. You can paint a bedroom door black, and leave the trim around it white, for a nice contrast. In a living room, a black door can serve as a great contrast to other neutral colors in the room (such as grays, whites, or creams). Black French doors can look fantastic, particularly when the rest of the room is painted in a gray or white hue. A black door near a black fireplace or fireplace mantel can look exquisite. And a black door can be a nice lead-in to an all white kitchen.

We can paint all types of doors, including the following:

People often have us paint their wood doors, rather than re-stain them, because they want to get rid of the look of wood and/or they want more choices in color.

In a free paint color consultation, we will be happy to talk about all of your options. In addition to doors, we can also paint anything made of wood in your house, including: cabinets, staircases, trim, window sills, and more.

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Please note: We offer interior painting and cabinet painting throughout the Denver metro area and the suburbs.