Cabinet Painting
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We’re A Fully-Insured Cabinet Painting Contractor

When we come into homes to give a free estimates on cabinet painting, most people do not ask us if we are insured, but they should!

We’re proud to call Denver our home and we have always been fully insured, with liability coverage and Workers Comp coverage.

The cost of insurance isn’t cheap, particularly Workers Comp insurance, but it protects us – and you – in the event that something goes wrong.

Liability Insurance
Our professional liability insurance covers property damage and any bodily injury covered by our work. If you hire an interior painting contractor who does not have a liability policy, and something goes wrong, you might have to file a claim on your homeowner’s policy and/or pay out of pocket.

Workers Compensation Insurance
Our workers compensation insurance covers the painters who work on your project. If you hire an interior painting contractor who doesn’t have Workers Comp insurance, if a worker gets injured in your home, you can be liable not only for the medical bills, but also for lost wages.

If you live in a condo or loft, there’s a good chance that the HOA (homeowners association) requires that the contractors you bring into the building are insured. We can provide proof of insurance, if it’s required.

If you are getting more than one bid on interior painting, including cabinet painting, be sure to check references, ask for pictures of before and after work and verify that the contractor is fully insured!

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Please note: Locally-owned and operated, we are not part of a chain or franchise painting company. We provide a range of interior painting services, including cabinet painting (kitchens, baths, and more).