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Types Of Kitchen Cabinets ~ We Paint Them All!

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You might not have thought about all of the types of kitchen cabinets there are, but we have and we can paint them all!

We are a professional cabinet painting process that ensures top quality work, with minimal disruption to your life!

Why paint your kitchen cabinets? Because painting them can be far more affordable than refacing or replacing them. Below are the primary types of kitchen cabinets that we paint.

Base Kitchen Cabinets
Base kitchen cabinets generally sit on the floor, atop a 4-inch riser (sometimes called a toe kick). The standard size for base cabinets is 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall. The countertop rests on the base cabinets.

Wall Kitchen Cabinets
Wall kitchen cabinets are attached to the wall, and the standard size for these cabinets is 12 inches deep, but can go up to 17 inches deep.

Open Shelf (Display) Kitchen Cabinets
Open shelf, display cabinets are just what they sound like – cabinets with open shelves, no doors. These have gained popularity in recent years, as a way to display dishes or other beautiful items.

Tall Kitchen Cabinets
Tall kitchen cabinets rest on the floor and rise up to 83.5 inches or higher in height. Typically, tall kitchen cabinets are used for pantry space and/or to store brooms, mops, trash cans, and other kitchen items.

Island Kitchen Cabinets
Island cabinets are what form the base of a kitchen island, and they rest on the floor, just like the standard base cabinets.

Appliance Garages
Appliance garages have become more popular in kitchens in recent years, as people strive for a clean look. These unique kitchen cabinets can include roll-up doors with narrow slats (that operate similar to a cover on a roll-up desk) or traditional doors that open out. Appliance garages generally sit on the counter and can be used to hide toasters, coffee makers, blenders, and other kitchen items.

Specialty Kitchen Cabinets
The primary types of specialty kitchen cabinets include: corner drawers, track doors (instead of swinging doors), pocket doors, flip up doors, glass-front doors, tambour doors (this is the official name for roll-up doors, made of small slats).

By far, the most popular types of wood cabinets in Denver are oak cabinets, which can tend to turn yellow or even orange as they age. We can paint oak cabinets to look new again. We can also paint other types of wood cabinets, including: maple, walnut, cherry, pecan, hickory, birch, and alder.

If you have an older home in Denver, or a custom home, your cabinets might be custom-made. For most houses, condos, and lofts, however, the cabinets are manufactured. In the manufactured cabinets, in particular, the factory-finish can be tough, meant to withstand years of wear and tear. That is why we go through a multi-step process of cleaning, prepping, sanding, buffing, etching, and priming before we apply a special cabinet paint. These extra steps are what help ensure top quality finishes.

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Note: In addition to kitchen cabinets, we also paint bathroom cabinets and other types of built-in cabinetry (including bookshelves, wet bars, and entertainment centers).