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Painting Bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves are found in many Denver area homes, from suburban homes to historic homes and they are often the focal point of the room.

This can be a good thing or a bad thing – depending on what the bookshelves look like. The good news is that if you don’t like the look of your shelves, we can paint them, in any color you choose.

Many people choose to have their bookshelves painted, rather than stained, because they don’t like the look of wood and/or they want more color choices than stain offers.

The possibilities are endless, when it comes to color. Want a bold look? We can paint the back of the bookcase a bright color, such as red, orange, or blue – with the rest of the bookcase (including the shelves) painted in white or black. Do you like that concept, but need to tone it down? We can paint the backs of the shelves in a similar, but different color (such as a light gray) from the rest of the bookcase (which we may do in white).

Or, you can choose a single color for the entire bookcase, but make it a distinctive one, such as a deep blue that complements other elements in the room, such as flooring, furniture, or artwork.

How about taking “black” (which is a common color for bookshelves) and exchanging it for a more dynamic blue-black or green-black!

When it comes to painting bookshelves, you can let your imagination run wild…and we’ll make it happen.

To ensure the highest-quality work, our professional bookshelf painting process includes:

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