Cabinet Painting
A Beautiful, Fresh Look

Professional Bathroom Cabinet Painting Services ~ Denver

The look of your bathroom cabinets can impact the look and feel of the room, adjoining rooms and your whole home. If you’d like a new, fresh look, there’s no reason to rip out your old cabinets and/or remodel the bathroom. Instead, choose cabinet painting – it’s a relatively affordable investment that can bring great returns!

Whether you have a small, main floor bathroom that’s three feet square, or a master bathroom that’s a secret oasis, we can transform the look and feel of it by professionally painting the cabinets!  You’d be amazed how transformative bathroom cabinet painting can be! Many of our clients are so happy with the new look of their cabinets, that suddenly, there’s no need for new countertops, bathtub, toilet, tile, or flooring!

From oak bathroom cabinets and maple cabinets to other types of wood, we’ve brought new life into older bathrooms in homes all across the Denver metro area.

You name a type of bathroom cabinet, and we’ve probably painted it. These are the most common types of bathroom cabinets that we can paint:

A popular trend is to have all of the cabinetry in the house match – and we can help you accomplish that by painting your other cabinetry as well (kitchen cabinetry, living room cabinetry, and more).  In this case, cabinet painting is the perfect economical solution for individuals, a fix and flip team, or for other industry professionals.  Not sure about what color to choose?  We can help with that too during your color consult.

Curious about the cost to give your bathroom a new look with cabinet painting? What about other areas of your home like your staircases?  For information and/or a free estimate, please call (303) 222-0110, or e-mail us at

Please note: In addition to homeowners, we love to offer our interior painting services to: contractors, builders, interior designers, real estate agents, fix and flip investors, and other industry professionals throughout the Denver area.