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When NOT To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

We love to paint kitchen cabinets! Over our years of painting cabinets in the Denver metro area, time and time again, we have seen how much the simple act of professionally applying paint can absolutely transform the look of a room.

But there are times when painting kitchen cabinets isn’t the right option. Let’s look at some of those scenarios…

Style Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

What don’t you like about your kitchen cabinets? The color of the wood? Painting can fix that. Is it the grain of the wood? Paint can remedy that, too. But is it actually the style of the cabinets? Do your kitchen cabinets seem too ornate (or too simple), too clunky, or too outdated? If so, painting them could definitely make them look different, but the change might not be enough to compensate for your dislike of the style. In that case, your only option would be to replace the cabinets.

Condition Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets don’t have to be in perfect shape, by any means, to be good candidates for painting. But these issues can’t be corrected through cabinet painting alone:

Some flaws can be fixed during our proprietary cabinet painting process, but not all. During a free estimate appointment, we can take a look at your cabinets and give you specific advice for your situation.

Configuration Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you don’t like the configuration of your cabinets, then there’s probably no point in painting them. By replacing your cabinets, you can choose the depths of the cabinets, the height of the cabinets, as well as what types of cabinets you include in your configuration. Replacement opens up a range of choices that could include the latest innovations in kitchen cabinetry, such as appliance garages, fold out storage, lift up cabinet doors, and more.

Layout Of The Kitchen

Finally, if you plan to reconfigure your kitchen and will be moving the cabinets anyway, then replacement is probably a better choice for you than painting.

Get a price quote from us on painting your kitchen cabinets, and you’ll see that it’s a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

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