Cabinet Painting
A Beautiful, Fresh Look

Painting Cabinets: An Ecofriendly Solution

Landfills all across the Denver metro area and the country are full of discarded cabinet doors, drawers, and boxes (frames).

Don’t like the look of your kitchen or bathroom? Rip out the cabinets and start over…that’s the solution that many people are familiar with. Haul the old cabinets to the dump and order new cabinets that have to be shipped across the country or from overseas.

In many homes and condos in the Denver area, there is a good chance that the cabinets that are being thrown out are structurally sound, perhaps with even better quality and craftsmanship than the factory-manufactured replacements.

Before you replace your cabinets, consider having your cabinets professionally painted. We have painted hundreds of sets of cabinets to look like new. We can paint your cabinets in any color you wish (white, black, gray, or bright colors). We would be happy to talk about your options in a free color consultation.

Painting kitchen cabinets is not only ecofriendly, but it’s also less expensive than replacing cabinets or even refacing them. Refacing cabinets still involves throwing out the old cabinet doors and drawer fronts, as well as pasting thin strips of wood or laminate to the cabinet boxes (frames).

If you’d like a new look in a room – any room in your house – we can paint your cabinets, which saves time, money, and also wear and tear on the earth!

We paint kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and other types of built-in cabinetry, and we have perfected the cabinet painting process to include top quality work, completed on time, with minimal disruption to your life!

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Please note: We are located in central Denver, and we paint cabinets in homes, townhomes, condos, and lofts throughout the Denver metro area.