Cabinet Painting
A Beautiful, Fresh Look

Parts Of Kitchen Cabinets: What We Can Paint

Cabinets are much more complex than they seem at first. There are more moving (and stationary parts) in a kitchen cabinet than you may imagine.

Below are the main components of a kitchen cabinet:

When it comes to cabinet painting, we use a unique process that ensures the highest quality painting, at an affordable price for you.

We paint the frames (boxes) of your cabinets in place, which means that you do not have to remove everything from the cabinets. We paint by hand, using brushes, and rollers, not a sprayer.

We remove your cabinet doors and drawers, and paint them inside our warehouse. By spray painting the cabinet doors and drawers in a confined, controlled space, we ensure a top quality finish, free of dust and other particles.

But before we can begin to apply our special cabinet paint, we disassemble, clean, prep, etch, caulk, sand, buff, and prime all of the wooden surfaces of the cabinets. This multi-step cabinet painting process, with attention to detail at every step, ensures that the cabinets look brand new!

In addition to painting kitchen cabinets, we paint bathroom cabinets, and other types of built-in cabinetry. We can also paint other wood found in residences, including: doors, trim, molding, staircases, shelves, fireplace mantels, window sills, kitchen islands, and more!

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