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Cabinet Painting
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Top Quality Cabinet Painting

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When we finish painting kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets, people are amazed at the quality of our work, because it looks like the cabinets are brand new.

It might seem simple to achieve this top quality, but it’s not. Our professional cabinet painters pay attention to detail at every step of the project and take pride in their artistry.

Most cabinets in the Denver metro area have tough, finishes on them – factory finishes that are hard to paint over. To successfully paint cabinets, we have to clean, prep, prime, and buff the surfaces of the cabinet boxes, drawers, and doors, before we apply a drop of paint.

What is top quality in cabinet painting? Essentially, at the completion of the project, the cabinets should look brand new, and, over time, should resist wear and tear.

When cabinets aren’t painted professionally, you’ll often see:

If a wall is painted poorly, it’s fairly easy to repaint that wall. But if cabinets are painted poorly, sometimes the only solution will is to replace them, which is an expensive fix.

If you’re considering hiring a cabinet painting company, ask about their experience and their process. Ask to see before and after photos and get references.

In business since 1999, we paint more cabinets each year than any other interior painting company in the Denver area. During your free cabinet painting estimate appointment, we’re happy to share photos of our projects, talk about our multi-step process to ensure quality, and provide references.

For further information about the quality of our cabinet painting, or to schedule an appointment for an estimate, please call (303) 222-0110, or e-mail contact@denvercabinetpainters.com.

Please note: We hand paint the boxes (frames) of your cabinets in place, so you don’t have to remove anything. We take the drawers and doors to our mobile workshop or warehouse, where we disassemble, prep, paint and reassemble them.