Hiring A Professional Cabinet Painter vs DIY

Having your kitchen cabinets painted might be far more affordable than you think. Give us a call, and we’ll promptly give you a free estimate, (303) 222-0110.

Oak Kitchen Cabinets After Painting DenverOkay, you’re tired of the look of your kitchen cabinets and feeling particularly ambitious, which makes you think about tackling the cabinet painting project yourself.

Hold on a second, though, and we’ll tell you what’s involved with painting kitchen cabinets so that they look professional, even brand new.

When we paint kitchen cabinets, we remove all of the doors and drawers, most of which have some type of laminate front or tough factory-finish. Before we can begin the painting process, we need to sand and prep the wood. We then prep the surface of the cabinet doors and drawers, in order to ensure that the paint we apply will properly adhere and stand up to years of wear and tear.

We apply a special cabinetry paint – any color you want – to the doors and drawers, as well as the cabinet frames (also known as cabinet boxes).  Once everything is professionally painted, we remount the doors, insert the drawers, and put on the knobs, latch plates, and other hardware.

By the time we finish a kitchen cabinet painting project, it’s hard, if not impossible, to discern that the cabinets aren’t completely brand new.

If you are considering painting your kitchen cabinets yourself, you need to factor in: your hours, the cost of the paint and supplies, your level of expertise and patience, and the risk of ending up with a less-than-professional finished product.

Are you still not convinced that it might be easier and less expensive (in the long run) to let us paint your kitchen cabinets? Give us a call for a free estimate (303) 222-0110, or e-mail us here at contact@denvercabinetpainters.com.

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