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Cabinet Painting
We Paint More Cabinets Than Any Other Company In Denver

Attention To Detail Produces The Best Cabinet Painting

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Some people are willing to tackle a simple interior painting project, but few will attempt cabinet painting, and for good reason.

Cabinet painting isn’t the best project to attempt for DIY. If you do a poor job of painting built-in cabinets, you’ve ruined the finish and may be forced to replace the cabinets, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Or, you may decide to live with the results, but will feel disappointed every time you look at the heavy brush marks, drips and paint runs, and inconsistent paint coverage.

Our experienced cabinet painters have an attention to detail that consistently produces top-quality. When we’ve finished, your cabinets will look new!

That obsession with detail and artistry is what sets us apart from other cabinet painters in Denver – so much so, that we paint more cabinets than any other contractor in the Denver area.

With kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and other types of built-in cabinetry, we prep, prime, and hand paint the boxes of the cabinets in place.

We remove the doors and drawers, and take them to our mobile workshop or warehouse, where we disassemble, prep, prime, paint and reassemble them.

People are amazed to hear about our meticulous, step-by-step cabinet painting process that includes:

We go to these lengths, because it’s not easy to get paint to stick well and hold up over the years when you try to apply it to the tough, factory-finishes that most cabinets have.

When you combine our beautiful painting with new hardware (hinges and knobs or pulls), your cabinets will look brand new – for a fraction of the cost of refacing them or replacing them.

For further information on our attention to detail, or to get a free estimate on cabinet painting, please call (303) 222-0110, or e-mail contact@denvercabinetpainters.com.

Please note: We’ve been in business since 1999, and our painting company is fully-insured. We work on projects throughout the Denver metro area and foothills. We’ll bid on any size project – nothing is too big or too small.  Take a look at our before and after photos for some examples of our work.