Stair Railing and Banister Painting Project: Oak to White

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Go from dated oak to clean, white railings.  Or take your banisters from oak to a dramatic black.  We can save you time and money, just give us a call for your free railing / banister painting estimate, (303) 222-0110.

Cleaning, sanding, and primer are just the beginning of the deceivingly simple-looking stair rail / banister painting project.  If you have ever tried to DIY your banister painting, you know what we mean!  Getting in and around each spindle is time consuming, detailed oriented, and can be frustrating.

However, painting the banisters and railings throughout your home can completely change the look of those high traffic areas.

Our cabinet painting team has the tools and experience to take on this project for you.  We can save you days worth of work and frustration!  In addition, painting your railings or banisters is much more cost effective than replacing them.  It’s faster too!

In this stair railing / banister painting project, we were able to transform this landing area and adjacent stairway from a dated oak to a modern, clean, white.  As you can see in the photos, the area looks clean, larger, and the railing blends with the home design rather than standing out.

If standing out is what you’re looking for, we are able to do a variety of colors.  A popular option is black, showcasing the look of the banisters for a more dramatic effect.  Whatever your dream design, we’re here to make it happen!

If you are ready to freshen up the look of your stairways, give us a call at (303) 222-0110 and we can offer a free railing / banister painting estimate.

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