Cabinet Painting
A Beautiful, Fresh Look

Is Cabinet Painting The Right Choice For You

If you know you don’t like the look of your cabinets, and you know you want to do something about it, you have a couple of choices.

You can paint your cabinets, stain your cabinets, reface your cabinets, or replace them entirely.

Let’s use your kitchen as an example and take a look at whether painting your kitchen cabinets is the right choice for you. You can use these same evaluation criteria for bathroom cabinets, as well as built-in cabinetry in other areas of your home.

Layout Of The Kitchen

The first big decision you need to make is whether you like the layout of the room. If you’re going to be moving the cabinets, then you should probably opt for replacing the cabinets, rather than only painting them.

Configuration Of The Kitchen Cabinets

Even if you like the kitchen cabinets where they are now, more or less, you may not like the configuration of them. If that’s the case, then again, replacement is probably the better option.

Style Of The Kitchen Cabinets

Do you like the style of your cabinets? If so, then painting them might be enough to give you the look you want. But if you hate the style of your cabinets, replacement is the only way to correct the problem.

Height And Depth Of The Kitchen Cabinets

Do you like the height and depth of your cabinets? If so, then, again, painting them might be a great choice.

Color Of The Kitchen Cabinets

What color would you like your kitchen cabinets to be? Painting offers the most choices, far more than you will have if you stain, reface, or replace your cabinets. Most of our clients want their kitchen cabinets painted in neutral colors like white, gray, or black. But we’ve also painted cabinets in bold colors, such as red or green. Once you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets, you can choose any color you want, electing to complement or contrast with other elements in the room (such as countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and walls).

Budget For Remodeling Your Kitchen

What’s your budget for your kitchen remodeling project, and how much of that do you want to spend on cabinetry? The cost of painting cabinets is typically similar to staining and significantly less expensive than refacing or replacement. Also, it’s important to note that the cost of replacing cabinets often grows way beyond the price of the cabinets and installation. Once they make the decision to replace their cabinets, many people change the layout of the room, move plumbing, re-route electrical, order new countertops, replace appliances, etc. What may start out as a fairly simple job soon becomes extraordinarily expensive, complex, and time-consuming.

Time Allotted For Remodeling Your Kitchen

How much time do you want to spend on remodeling, and are you prepared to live in some degree of chaos while the work is being done? Painting, staining, and refacing kitchen cabinets can be done pretty quickly – usually in a matter of days. Replacing kitchen cabinets can take many months.

Value Added To Your Property For A More Modern-Looking Kitchen

If you would like to add value to your property, painting your kitchen cabinets can provide one of the best returns on investment. Kitchen cabinet painting is a relatively simple, inexpensive improvement that can make a huge difference in how the room looks.

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