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Cabinet Painting
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Kitchen Cabinet Heights

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Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of heights and styles, and we paint them all! Thanks to kitchen cabinet painting, you can make your kitchen look brand new again.

Most people choose black, white, or gray paint for their kitchen cabinets, but you can choose any paint color you like – literally, any color – and we’ll make them look beautiful.

Most kitchen cabinet heights and depths are standard across the industry, and the width of cabinets can vary. Below are the standard kitchen cabinet dimensions.

Upper Kitchen Cabinets
Height: 30 inches
Depth: 12 inches
Width: Can vary

Base Kitchen Cabinets
Height: 34 inches
Depth: 24 inches
Width: Can vary

Tall Kitchen Cabinets / Pantry Cabinets
Height: 84 inches to 96 inches
Depth: 24 inches
Width: Can vary

Toe Kicks For Kitchen Cabinets
Height: 3.5 inches
Depth: 3 inches
Width: Can vary

We paint more cabinets than another other interior painting contractor in Denver! We’ve been in business since 1999, and we work on cabinet painting projects throughout the Denver metro area.

We can paint all types of wood cabinets, including: oak, cherry, walnut, pecan, maple, birch, hickory, and alder.

As part of our kitchen cabinet painting process, we take off the doors and drawers, but leave the cabinet boxes / frames in place and hand paint them. We paint the doors and drawers in our mobile workshop (a 20-foot trailer that we park in front of your home), or at our warehouse.

For further information on kitchen cabinet heights, or to schedule a free estimate on cabinet painting, please call (303) 222-0110, or e-mail contact@denvercabinetpainters.com.

Please make note: Our cabinet painting company is fully-insured, and we’ve been in business since 1999. We offer a lifetime of free touch-ups, as long as you live in the home.  Our photo gallery offers a glimpse of some of our work (before & after photos included).